Welcome to the ntop stand!

ntop started as an opensource project in 1998 whose goal was to create a simple yet effective web-based traffic monitoring platform. Many things have changed since then, including the nature of the traffic being analyzed, operating systems being run, and the way users interact with technologies. During this time, ntop has evolved into a fully-fledged research company with many opensource projects whose main spirit is still the original one, namely, innovate network monitoring using commodity hardware and freely available operating systems.

ntop @ FOSDEM

We believe FOSDEM is a unique event, definitely the most important in Europe, when it comes to opensource software. We have already presented and showcased our open-source projects during past FOSDEM events, with very positive feedback. As ntop benefits daily from the opensource community and software, we believe FOSDEM is also an invaluable opportunity to give back to the community a part of what ntop develops.

Join the Events

Check the schedule below to join the events.

  • Enter our FOSDEM22 chatroom to discuss with us at any time during FOSDEM22.
  • Some events are streamed. To join the live stream, enter the event page from the schedule below and look for the link "Live stream".
  • You can also join public ntop discussions.

Events Schedule

Event Speakers Start End


  ntop @ FOSDEM
Ongoing developments and future directions
Luca Deri 11:00 11:30
  Chat With the ntop Developers
Meet with the Community
11:30 12:00


  nDPI and Cybersecurity
Network Traffic Classification for Cybersecurity and Monitoring
Luca Deri 13:00 13:30

We are with the Community

We believe in the community as the driving force of our activitie. We want to improve ourselves and we aspire to enhance your experience with ntop opensource software. One of our main objectives is to listen to our community and work with our developers and users alike to provide high quality functionalities to our software. To say in touch with the community and the developers, you can join public ntop discussions or the FOSDEM22 chatroom.

ntop and Non-Profit

One of the main principles of ntop is that even if we need support for continuing our developments, we have never charged universities, education, no-profit (in this category fall NGOs, social associations for public good such as ONLUS and 501(C), hospitals, and charitable associations; other organisations such as municipalities, government departments or organisations that do not offer a public service DO NOT qualify) and scientific research organisations.

So if you qualify, we will offer our software products for free, and ask our partners who manufacture hardware-based products to provide you a discount. In the latter case please mail us, and explain why you qualify for free licenses.