Welcome to the Nextcloud Hub stand!

Hi there! We are Nextcloud, a global community of thousands of contributors developing Nextcloud Hub - a open source, self-hosted content collaboration platform. That is, we replace Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 with something that gives YOU control over your data. More privacy, but easy to use and secure. Sync files, edit and share them with others, chat or have a video call while keeping notes together and so on! All on your own server, or at a provider you can actually trust.

Nextcloud Hub @ FOSDEM


What is a content collaboration platform? Why on premises and open source? Let's answer that with a question!

Where is your data? Where are the pictures from your last vacation on the beach, where is your contact list, where are the last chats you had with your loved ones? Who has access to that data, who can see it, who can download it, who can modify or delete it? Do you trust the services you use to take care of your data?

Your data represents who you are and can easily be abused.
We want this to change.

We at Nextcloud believe that you have a right to decide what happens with your data. We believe that you should be able to have as much control as possible on what belongs to no one else but you.

Protecting your rights

How does that work? First, Nextcloud is an Open Source private cloud software, which means that anyone can read the code, and make sure it keeps your data safe. And second, at Nextcloud, we don't force you to pick our own infrastructure or servers like the big famous public clouds do. You can run Nextcloud yourself, at home or in a data center on rented space. You can buy ready-to-go devices with Nextcloud or pick a provider who rents out space to you!

We built a software that does everything you expect from a cloud - from syncing and sharing files to editing documents, storing passwords, calendars and bookmarks and reading mail. But YOU decide where the data is and who has access!

We have a virtual stand and we'll try and answer questions you have in the chat room. There's a talk about Nextcloud in 2021 and of course you can check the videos below.

Welcome to the Nextcloud Hub stand

Nextcloud Hub in 2022

To find out what's new in Nextcloud over 2021, it's probably best to check out our talk on that subject. But we'll also happily share some basics below!

Let's also add that, at our booth, and in collaboration with friends from Collabora, Canonical and other booths, we're organizing a How to get involved session at 1PM on Saturday, so be in our matrix channel! We also work with other collaborative projects and have a collaboration room channel.

But first, what it looks like today!

What it looks like

We created some videos to give you an idea of what Nextcloud Hub looks like!

Nextcloud Hub

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Nextcloud Files

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Nextcloud Groupware

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Nextcloud Document collaboration

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Of course, there's a lot more to learn about Nextcloud, and we've collected some links for you to our website:

Security and Compliance

Also, did you know we have a podcast?


The Nextcloud community does a lot of things, too much to mention - we have over 250 community apps that do releases all the time, not to speak of various mobile and desktop clients, not just for files but also talk, password managers & deck. We can't cover everything, so let's focus on the major releases. Below a short, emoji-supported list of improvements in 2021!

The biggest improvements Nextcloud Hub 21 introduced are:

  • 🚀 High Performance Back-end for Nextcloud Files: reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling by 90% while delivering instant notifications to users.
  • ➕🚀 And a wide range of performance improvements all over on top, decreasing loading times of pages and reducing load on the server
  • 🤝 Collaborative features: new Whiteboard, author colours in Text and Document Templates to increase team productivity
  • 🗨 Nextcloud Talk: debuts message status indicators, a raise hand feature, a group conversation description and more!
  • 📫 A range of Groupware improvements like drag'n'drop and nicer threading in Mail and syncing social media avatars in Contacts.

Nextcloud Hub 22

The biggest improvements Nextcloud Hub 22 introduced are:

  • ⭕ User-defined groups with Circles that makes it easier to manage teams where you can share files or assign tasks to circles, or create chat rooms for a circle
  • 🗂️ Integrated chat and task management where you can simply share a deck card into a chat room or turn a chat message into a task
  • 🔃 Easy approval workflow, where an administrator can define a new approval flow in the settings and users can, on a document, request approval
  • 📝 Getting your document signatures easy with integrated PDF signing with DocuSign, EIDEasy, and LibreSign
  • 📚 Integrated knowledge management Nextcloud puts knowledge available to everyone at a moments' notice, providing easy search, sharing, and portable access
  • 💌 Groupware improvements bringing a trash bin feature in Calendar and more. Nextcloud Mail features improved threading, email tagging, and support for Sieve filtering
  • 🗣 Big improvements in Nextcloud Talk with voice messages, location and contact sharing, message deletion and much more

Nextcloud Hub II

The biggest improvements Nextcloud Hub 23 introduced are:

  • 🚀 Nextcloud Files: profile page and automatic user status setting; delegate administration tasks; massive syncing performance improvements
  • 👥 Nextcloud Groupware: Appointment booking, room and resource search and Mail improvements
  • 💬 Nextcloud Talk: background blur, device check screen, user permissions and much more
  • 📝 Nextcloud Office: brand new, developed in collaboration with Collabora Productivity
  • 🖱️ One-click deployment: easy installation and update
  • 📦 Nextcloud Backup: a peer-to-peer backup solution designed for private users
  • 📱 Nextcloud Clients: updates available for Desktop, Android and iOS clients
  • This release was also the point where we decided this represented a bug step, worthy of updating Nextcloud Hub's version number to Hub II!