Welcome to the illumos stand!

The illumos project develops a Unix operating system core that was originally derived from OpenSolaris, providing next-generation features for downstream distributions, including advanced system debugging, next generation filesystem, networking, and virtualization options.

illumos is developed by both volunteers and companies building products based on the illumos system.

illumos is an excellent base for both traditional and cloud-native deployments.

illumos @ FOSDEM

Come and chat with illumos developers, users, and creators of distributions! We'll be here to talk about illumos and answer questions.

We'll try to be around in the FOSDEM Matrix chat, but if you're like us and prefer IRC, please visit us on #illumos on libera.chat. If you don't have an IRC client, try libera's webchat.

Welcome to the illumos stand

illumos in 2022

Since last FOSDEM we had a couple of larger updates:

  1. VirtIO 9p file system support for bhyve.
  2. Driver for the AWS Nitro ENA network device.
  3. NVMe hotplug support has been implemented.
  4. GCC 10 added as shadow compiler.
  5. SPARC Support has been removed but OpenIndiana provides an SPARC distribution.