Welcome to the Google Summer of Code stand!

GSoC is a mentorship program introducing new contributors 18 years and older to open source software development. GSoC contributors have the opportunity to work on a coding project under the guidance of mentors from the open source community, learning how to be better developers and community members along the way. This is often the first time many students have contributed to an open source project. With over 18,000 students participating in the program with 746 open source organizations and 17,000+ mentors since 2005 this truly is a global program. There are a few major changes for the 2022 GSoC program that we hope will allow even more folks to participate. We look forward to talking with folks about these changes at FOSDEM 2022.

Google Summer of Code @ FOSDEM

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) has brought over 18,000 excited, new developers into 746 open source communities since 2005. The program has continued to remain interesting for developers because of the inspiring, dedicated mentors from these open source communities that have devoted their time, energy and expertise to help the participants become contributors in their communities.

With Google Summer of Code, participants have the opportunity to work on a real open source project under the guidance of mentors, gaining knowledge and building confidence in their own skills and their excitement for all things open source. GSoC contributors earn a stipend for their contributions allowing them more flexibility to be able focus on their coding and community contributions.

Each year about 200 open source projects act as mentoring organizations for the 1200+ participants. In 2022 we hope to welcome 30-40 new organizations into the GSoC program so please come to our stand and ask us those burning questions!

Welcome to the Google Summer of Code stand

Google Summer of Code in 2022

For GSoC 2022 we are making our three most exciting changes in the 18 year history of the program and are adjusting the GSoC program to the evolving needs of our open source communities.

  1. First of all, we are expanding the eligibility requirements and opening the program to all new and beginner contributors to open source software development over the age of 18 (no longer just students or recent students).
  2. We are also encouraging organizations to have medium (~175 hour) and large (~350 hour) projects for GSoC contributors to choose from. This exciting change will allow folks who want to be part of the program but are unable to devote their entire summer to coding to still be able to complete an exciting project with their new open source community.
  3. Finally, we are adding more flexibility into the timing of the projects. For 2022, GSoC contributors can spread their project out over a longer period of time and they can even switch to a longer timeframe mid-program with their mentor's approval. Rather than a mandatory 12-week program that runs from June – August with everyone required to finish their projects by the end of the 12th week, we are opening it up so mentors and their GSoC Contributors can decide together if they want to extend the deadline for the project up to 22 weeks.

We look forward to talking with interested participants and those open source projects hoping to be mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code about these changes and answering your questions.