Welcome to the FOSSASIA stand!

Founded in 2009, FOSSASIA has developed a wide-range of open source projects from software to hardware, organized developer events and run coding programs. We want to provide access to open technologies and knowledge that enable people to build solutions according to their own ideas and needs. It is our mission to foster the free and open source movement in Asia and sustain the FOSS ecosystem.

Our projects

  • FOSSASIA Hardware: Pocket Science lab
  • FOSSASIA Event Management Software: Eventyay
  • FOSSASIA Coding Program: CodeHeat
  • FOSSASIA Summit 2022, April 7-9

    Come to our stand to checkout:

    • Saturday 5 Feb, 17:00 CET: Pocket Science Lab Development Meeting- Open source hardware device for electronic measurements and science experiments.
    • Sunday 6 Feb, 14:00 CET: Eventyay Demo Session - Open source event/conference management system
    • Connect with open source developers and advocates from Asia.

    Connect with Us

    You are invited to join FOSSASIA Summit, April 7-9. We offer Virtual Exhibition for open source projects and communities.
    Welcome to the FOSSASIA stand

    FOSSASIA in 2022