Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Teresa Gomez-Diaz

Photo of Teresa Gomez-Diaz

T. Gomez-Diaz is a CNRS Research Engineer at the Gaspard-Monge Computer Science laboratory (LIGM) at the University Gustave Eiffel (Est of Paris), where her mission is to render Research Software production visible and accessible. Thus, she works there on how to improve the development and dissemination conditions of the LIGM Research Software since 2006.

She has been involved on the PLUME Project (2007–2013), where she has participated to launch and build a national catalogue of (French) Research Software. She has also participate to propose Software Management Plan tools.

In collaboration with Prof. T. Recio (University Antonio de Nebrija, Spain), she has proposed the CDUR Research Software evaluation protocol and a definition of Open Science as the political and legal framework where research outputs are shared and disseminated in order to be rendered visible, accessible, reusable.

She is currently working on further Open Science issues including Infrastructures and services to render research outputs visible, accessible, reusable.


Title Day Room Track Start End
On the dissemination/evaluation loop for Research Software Saturday D.research Open Research Tools and Technologies 12:35 12:50
Policies panel Saturday D.research Open Research Tools and Technologies 13:05 13:25