Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Ludovic Dubost

Photo of Ludovic Dubost

Creator of XWiki and CEO of XWiki SAS, Ludovic has been the gentle organizer of the XWiki SAS company for 17 years.

XWiki SAS, only building free & open-source software leads the development of the XWiki Software used by thousands of organizations and helps companies and organizations all over the world organize, share, and collaborate on content. XWiki also leads the development of CryptPad (, the first end-to-end encrypted Collaboration Suite.

A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X90) and Telecom Paris (95), Ludovic Dubost started his career as a software architect for Netscape Communications Europe. He then joined NetValue as CTO, a company doing online usage analysis. He left NetValue after the company was purchased by Nielsen/NetRatings, before creating the XWiki Open Source software and launching XWiki SAS in 2004. Ludovic has been a speaker at various events including Paris Open Source Summit, FOSDEM, OW2 Conference, RMLL, Capitole du Libre, speaking about Collaboration Software, Financing FLOSS software and Privacy Solutions.

He also is a member of Systematic Paris Region Open Source Hub committee and the OpenFoodFacts board.



Title Day Room Track Start End
XWiki as an FOSS alternative to Confluence and Notion
Status in 2021: realtime editing, livedata feature, confluence migrator and macros
Saturday D.collab Collaboration and Content Management 13:30 14:30