Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Jonathan McHugh

An autodiadact with unconventional approaches to knowledge-management, Jonathan McHugh takes a hacker-centric approach to information-management. Given his ingrained need to see things in (overly?) complicated ways, it is indeed fortunate that he has a deep respect for minimalist programming as a means of understanding software and improving upon it.

Currently Jonathan is starting a research project (Icebreaker), using the nascient protocol, Gemini, in order to create knowledge-management applications for domains such as project-management; issue-tracking; and kanban-boards.

This project was made feasible due to a generous grant from NLNet:

More is coming from Icebreaker in 2022... stay tuned.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Knowledge Management Through Minimal Syntaxes
Appreciating How Terse Syntaxes Are Capable of Being Combined In Unexpected Ways
Sunday D.minimalistic Declarative and Minimalistic Computing 14:35 15:05