Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Simon Phipps

Photo of Simon Phipps

Simon is an open source and digital rights activist with a long history in the tech industry. He volunteers to advance open source and pays his bills via crowdfunding and consulting.

Simon Phipps is the founder of Public Software CIC, providing small community groups with a fiduciary home to advance open source. He is a pro-bono director of the Open Source Initiative, the global steward of the Open Source Definition. OSI serves to advocate for, educate about and build bridges within the open source community; of The Document Foundation, stewards of LibreOffice; of Consul Democracy Foundation; and of the Open Rights Group, protecting digital rights in the UK. His career has included early engagement in establishing Java, XML and weblogs as computer industry technologies as well as contributions to open standards in a variety of fields. As chief open source officer at Sun Microsystems he supervised the open source relicensing of Solaris Unix, Java and many other software systems.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Crowdfunding to advance open document editors
A status report
Saturday UB4.136 Open Document Editors 14:30 14:55