Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Santiago Bragagnolo

Coding and philosophy enthusiast. Software engineer and researcher. I am currently working as engineer and giving first steps into my PhD in INRIA on software migration. Had work and research on many different technologies, remarkably on blockchain technologies, indoor robotics, concurrent and parallel architectures. My main topics of interests on computer science are language and run-time analysis and modeling, parallel/concurrent computation and virtual machines. For that, I work on reflective applications and programming languages. I participate in the open source community of the Pharo programming language and environment. My main topics of interest on others scopes are Graphoscopio community, Kungfu, music and food (probably in that order, but not everyday)



Title Day Room Track Start End
Pocket infrastructures to bridge reproducible research, live coding, civic hacktivism and data feminism for/from the Global South Saturday AW1.126 Open Research Tools and Technologies 15:30 16:00