Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Rémy Hubscher

Photo of Rémy Hubscher

Rémy started to code in Python in 2005 with the raise of the Django framework. Since then he worked at PeopleDoc, Mozilla and Chefclub on different Python frameworks (Django/Aiohttp/Pyramid/Flask). Today he is joining Alma to help provide a payment service that allow payment facilities for merchants and customers.

Rémy is a free and open source software advocate and worked on multiple open source library around the Python ecosystem. He helped in the effort of porting many of them to Python 3. A couple years ago, he joined the JazzBand movement as a keeper of the Python libraries ecosystem garden. At Mozilla he worked for the Kinto project aiming to provide a generic REST API service.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Why is Django 3.0 a revolution for building websites with Python?
From WSGI to ASGI and why it matters
Saturday UB2.252A (Lameere) Python 12:00 12:25