Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Michael Nolan

Photo of Michael Nolan

Mike Nolan a software engineer, FOSS consultant, AI transparency & ethics researcher, and humanitarian aid worker. He wears many hats but currently is working partly as a consultant with the UNICEF Innovation Fund with regards to FOSS community strategy and AI transparency & ethics as well as a core contributor to OpenMined's javascript team.

I'm most interested in how we can build sustainable software that improves the lives of the worlds most vulnerable populations. I like to research and implement ways to shift the incentives companies, governments, and organizations have to develop software to exploit its users for profit to something that benefits the whole world.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Freedom and AI: Can Free Software include ethical AI systems?
Exploring the intersection of Free software and AI
Saturday K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Community and Ethics 13:00 13:50