Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Marko Mäkelä

Marko has been developing the InnoDB storage engine of MySQL and MariaDB since 2003.

Marko got his first computer in 1986. He uses GNU/Linux since 1993 and Debian since 1996. He joined Innobase Oy in 2003 after completing his doctoral thesis on model checking distributed systems. In 2016, he joined MariaDB Corporation. He has designed and implemented many InnoDB features, such as more compact ROW_FORMATs and more efficient ALTER TABLE operations. Marko may have moved from 6502 to C or C++, but he is striving for zero-overhead abstractions and occasionally checking the code that various compilers generate.


Title Day Room Track Start End
ALTER TABLE improvements in MariaDB Server
Optimized or instantaneous schema changes, including ADD/DROP COLUMN
Saturday H.2214 MySQL, MariaDB and Friends 14:40 15:00