Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Krzysztof Daniel

Photo of Krzysztof Daniel

An unreformed explorer working at the Leading Edge Forum.

Focused on strategy, power and value.

Ex Open Source contributor (Fedora, Eclipse). Pilot wannabe. Mapirati.

I do two things for the living.

One is I teach corporations (and not only them) how to build situational awareness and avoid undesired, surprising consequences of our own actions.

The other one is research - I look at a given field of my interest, and produce a report about how the field is changing, and how one should prepare. At FOSDEM, I would love to present results of such a report.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Is the Open door closing?
Past 15 years review and a glimpse into the future.
Sunday Janson Freedom 10:00 10:50