Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Jody Garnett

Photo of Jody Garnett

Open source geospatial contributor with Open Source Geospatial Foundation and Eclipse Foundation LocationTech working group. Projects include GeoTools, GeoServer, JTS Topology Suite, ImageN and uDig.

Jody Garnett is an experienced open source developer and advocate working with GeoCat BV. He has been working working geospatial software for over 20 years: consulting, training, building open source solutions, and helping guide technology development. Jody is a member of the project steering committee for the GeoTools, GeoServer and JTS projects.

Jody shows a real passion for helping developers get the most out of open source as chair of the Open Source Geospatial Incubation Committee (helping support and establish new projects) and Marking Committee (open source advocacy).



Title Day Room Track Start End
GeoServer Basics Sunday AW1.126 Geospatial 10:05 10:25
GeoNetwork Basics Sunday AW1.126 Geospatial 10:25 10:45