Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Guillaume Tucker

Photo of Guillaume Tucker

The speaker description is potentially outdated as it is from a previous FOSDEM edition.

Guillaume Tucker is a software engineer working at Collabora, previously at ARM and several start-ups in Cambridge, UK. His main expertise is in embedded devices and operating systems. His current focus is on

Here's a small auto-interview:

The Linux kernel, Android, LAVA,

Low-level system programming, specialised computing hardware, but also Django web applications and more recently continuous integration.


It's always fun to attend FOSDEM and be part of this unique event, gathering so much diversity on the common ground of free software. I like bumping into people I haven't seen for a while, keeping myself involved with the community and learning about all the latest achievements. And the lambic beer is amazing.

I'm also a musician, I like composing and I play the guitar and the trumpet. And I like cooking too: omelettes, curry and risotto in particular.



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