Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Didac Oliveira

Photo of Didac Oliveira

Co-owner and Co-founder at Brain Updaters, S.L. Didac Oliveira believes in perseverance, creativity, honesty and teamwork to achieve goals in work and life. The DRLM Project and the company were born under those values and is the main reason why at BU we work hard every day.

Didac has been a speaker in various well known Open Source Conferences the last years, OpenExpo '16 to '19, FOSDEM '17 & '18, OpenSouthCode '17 & '18, OSBConf '17, LIBRECON '18, etc. and the last two years also teaching Open Source technologies to students of IMERIR (Institut Méditerranéen d’Étude et Recherche en Informatique et Robotique).

Didac is an Open Source and Open Standards enthusiast with high knowledge and expertise on:

– IT Systems Design & Implementation – GNU/Linux & Unix – Disaster Recovery – High Availability – Virtualization (VMs & Containers) – Identity & Role Management

Contributions to Open Source Projects:

– Disaster Recovery Linux Manager (DRLM): – Relax & Recover (ReaR): – Cfg2html:



Title Day Room Track Start End
Past, Present and Future of DRLM project Saturday UD2.119 Backup and Recovery 10:30 11:00