Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Bruno Škvorc

Photo of Bruno Škvorc

Bruno is a technical educator at Web3 Foundation. He's been passionate about censorship resistant communication since 2010, and actively participated since the advent of Ethereum.

Bruno is a blockchain developer and educator from Croatia. He joined the ecosystem full time in 2015 with the advent of Ethereum, and created educational resources, programming courses, tutorials and newsletters for budding developers of the industry. Since 2018 he had been working on one of the teams building the next generation of Ethereum, and since 2019 he's been a technical educator at Web3 Foundation, dedidated to forwarding the web3 vision and helping make sure everyone, everywhere has access to the Internet of Value and Trust. Bruno is passionate about decentralization, censorship resistance, and transparency coupled with accountability, so he's found his passion in immutable ledgers of the present and future. He holds Master's Degrees in Computer Science and English Language and Literature and likes to dabble in virtual reality when possible. He can be found on Twitter at @bitfalls.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Web3 - the Internet of Freedom, Value, and Trust
On exiting the system and reclaiming control of our digital and physical lives
Saturday H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning Talks 13:00 13:15