Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Video work almost finished

Almost all of the video recordings from FOSDEM 2017 have been cut, transcoded, and released.

There are a handful of talks left to fix up, which will happen no later than next weekend. The weekend after that, we plan to shut down this year's video-processing infrastructure, unless something important pops up.

Videos are linked from the individual schedule pages for the talks and the full schedule page. They are mirrored from

While all videos have been reviewed by a human before they were released, it remains possible that one or more issues fell through the cracks. Therefore, if you notice any issues with any video you care about, now is the time to tell us. Once the infrastructure has been shut down, fixing issues will no longer be possible.

To report any issues, you can contact us via:

Thank you to all the volunteers, devroom managers, speakers and video team members who helped recording and reviewing, and who made this possible.