Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2017


Important security notice about the conference internet

FOSDEM was informed of possible attempts, at several FOSDEM locations, to harvest usernames and passwords.

The official network names (SSIDs) on the campus during FOSDEM were "FOSDEM" and "FOSDEM-ancient".

FOSDEM has not provided any other internet access.

The official FOSDEM wireless network did NOT ask for any credentials.
E.g. the use of the network name (SSID) "FOSDEM FreeWifi by Google" was neither authorised nor condoned by FOSDEM. This network presented a login page resembling a login page of Google.

FOSDEM is taking action regarding these incidents.

If you think you might be affected we advise you to take all the steps you deem necessary.

For Google's Gmail security tips please read

If you need to contact us regarding this matter, please use the FOSDEM security email address: with GPG key fingerprint: C466 DBD8 A2B3 30C9 5B09 30D9 705D 2457 B530 8FA0.