Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Ludovic Courtès

The speaker description is potentially outdated as it is from a previous FOSDEM edition.

I'm a free software supporter, GNU Guile co-maintainer and GNU Guix maintainer.


Title Day Room Track Start End
The GNU Guile Project Saturday K.3.201 GNU Guile 10:30 10:50
Your distro is a Scheme library
Hacking your way through the GNU Guix APIs
Saturday K.3.201 GNU Guile 12:30 13:00
The future of small languages
Experience of Lua and Guile
Saturday K.3.201 GNU Guile 14:20 15:00
Reproducible and Customizable Deployments with GNU Guix
Why "app bundles" get it wrong
Saturday K.4.201 Distributions 17:30 18:20