Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Elio Qoshi

Photo of Elio Qoshi

Open Sourcerer and Board Member of Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana. Albania. Mozilla Representative and Community Design Lead. Community Manager and Author at SitePoint. Founder of open design startup Ura.

Born in Albania, raised in Germany and working nowadays across borders, Elio has a weakness for open source philosophy (not only metodology), free (as in freedom) software in general, community building and aesthetically pleasing digital design.

Having worked for several startups and organizations, he has devoted his time to simplify little aspects of our life, instead of so called “Innovation”, which promises to invent the wheel so many don’t need. Elio is driven by certain values of the people and organizations he works with, mostly organizations which support Free Software, the Open Web and Open Culture in General. Sharing is caring.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Tips & Tricks for logo creation
Logo case studies from Mozilla & co.
Saturday AW1.120 Open Source Design 13:00 13:20
Overcoming your designer ego
Experiences as a designer at Mozilla
Saturday AW1.120 Open Source Design 16:30 16:50