Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Dwayne Bailey

Dwayne has been involved in FOSS localisation since 2001. Working on South African and African languages but now focused world wide. He works for Translate which develops localisation tools like Pootle and the Translate Toolkit. With his primary role being to work with language communities, organisation and state agencies where he helps train, craft strategies and work on technology that can assist the communities.

Dwayne is passionate about the possibility that FOSS localization tools can bring to the wider commercial localization world. It create a real possibility to create great tools that are accessible and useful to a very large and specialised community.

His interest in policy issues has see Dwayne working on open source policy in South Africa as well as giving input on language policy the the UN IGF.



Title Day Room Track Start End
10 easy steps to ruin your localization
Things localizers would like developers to know that can improve everyones life
Sunday AW1.124 Coding for Language Communities 12:00 12:50