Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Arda Yalçıner

Photo of Arda Yalçıner

Arda is a hands-on software architect from Istanbul, Turkey. He works on various topics including distributed systems, audio processing, artificial neural networks, and database systems. To deliver architectural and low-level software design, he spends most of his time doing research, creating proof-of-concepts, configuring & integrating software, and patching them when necessary. Since the day he first met GNU/Linux in 1997, he has been a fan and supporter of open source software. He is graduated from the Astronautical Engineering program at Istanbul Technical University and he received his Masters Degree on Software Engineering from Bogazici University. He loves software development and tries to explore & learn as much as possible about computer science.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Over-the-air Audio Identification
How to build a system for matching a partial audio recording from noisy environments with an audio track or a real-time stream of audio
Saturday H.2214 Open Media 16:30 16:55