Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Martijn Verburg

Photo of Martijn Verburg

The speaker description is potentially outdated as it is from a previous FOSDEM edition.

Martijn Verburg (aka "The Diabolical Developer") is the CTO and co-founder of jClarity. He is the co-leader of the London Java User Group (LJC), and is more or less 'Cat Herder in Chief' for the global Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK efforts to help the community contribute to Java standards and OpenJDK. He was foolishly added the ranks of Java Champions in 2012 - something that they'll likely regret :-).



Title Day Room Track Start End
OpenJDK Adoption Group Q&A Sunday K.4.201 Java 15:30 15:55