Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


OpenJDK Adoption Group Q&A

There's a ton of stuff going on in OpenJDK, projects, repositories, bug database, experiments. This is a lot of potential fun, but the entrance barrier for newcomers is extremely high, and it's easy to get lost and not enjoy the fun anymore. In order to help people wanting to contribute keep track of this intricate forest of development and find their way out, the Adoption Group was created (

This session is an exchange between few of the hackers directly involved with the Adoption Group and the public. We will indeed discuss some of the projects we are currently involved with - like the planned global hack days for jsonp, jigsaw and tools that use jigsaw and http 2.0 with language interoperability - but above all we will answer questions the audience may have in relation to getting involved with OpenJDK, both from a technical perspective and a social one, so that next year you can sit together with us helping even more people to jump on the fun!

If you need help organising your next hackday, or you are completelylost tying to get started with OpenJDK, this is the session for you!


Photo of Mario Torre Mario Torre
Photo of Martijn Verburg Martijn Verburg
Photo of Dalibor Topić Dalibor Topić
Daniel Bryant
Mani Sarkar