Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Jan Holesovsky

Jan / Kendy is with LibreOffice since the very first day, but his knowledge of our codebase goes back to 2003 when he joined He started developing office software even earlier, in 1998- 9 he programmed the drawing part of KTTV, a Linux word processor and vector drawing program for lecture notes. Over the years, he has contributed to many areas, including the KDE integration, x86- 64 porting, build/SCM related problems, DOCX export, and user interface in general.


Title Day Room Track Start End
LibreOffice Design/UX Easy Hacks
How you can get involved
Saturday K.3.201 Open Document editors 15:40 16:00
LibreOffice Design Team
What do we do, and how you can get involved
Sunday AW1.126 Open source design 14:45 15:15