Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Daniel Lobato

Photo of Daniel Lobato

Daniel Lobato is a software engineer who has worked in very different environments, from data centers and mainframes to startups. These days he helps Red Hat to build systems by developing Foreman, a GPL-licensed lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual machines, and some tools to make developers and sysadmins happier. He's obsessed with making orchestration a seamless task.

{ "name": "Daniel", "last name": "Lobato Garcia", "github": "", "twitter": "", "linkedin": "" "blog": "", "studied at": [

"Universidad Carlos III (UC3M)",
"University of California at Irvine (UCI)"

], "jobs": {

"current job": {
  "title": "Software Engineer at Red Hat",
  "description": "I write open source software to make deployments, management and provisioning of systems painless ("
"previous jobs": [
  "Software Engineer (Tech) at CERN",
  "Software Engineer Intern at Lifebooker",
  "Undergraduate research at Social Code group, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology",
  "Founder at Shake your Art",
  "Cobol/Cics/Db2 intern library developer on Z/OS at IBM",
  "Machine dance events coordinator at several events, including Gamerland",
  "Cofounder, web development at Expogamer"

}, "alumnus": [

"hackNY class of 2012, lived with the best student hackers for 1 summer, details:",
"Fundacio Princep de Girona"

], "talks": {

"Puppetconf": { 
  "title": "A one stop solution for Openstack and Puppet",
  "deck": "",
  "video": "",
  "location": "San Francisco, CA"
"SoftShake": {
  "title": "Computing Infrastructure in Ruby",
  "deck": "",
  "location": "Geneva, Switzerland"
"Codemotion": { 
  "title": "Provision and manage Docker containers with Foreman",
  "location": "Universidad Politecnica de Madrid"
"Coding Dojo": {
  "deck": "",
  "location": "Irvine, CA"
"Lightning talks at UC3M": { 
  "title": "Google File System: an overview and a glimpse at the future",
  "deck": "",
  "location": "Leganes, Spain"

}, "beliefs": [

"Everyone has something worth teaching",

], "lived in": {

"United States of America": {
  "California": [
    "Irvine, Orange County"
  "New York": [
    "Manhattan, New York City"
"Spain": {
  "Madrid": [
"Switzerland": {
  "Canton of Geneva": [

}, "speaks": [


], "hobbies": [

  "description": "Exercise with Dance Dance Revolution, Pump it up and Dance Dance Revolution. Finalist at national tournaments for 4 years in a row",
  "video": ""
  "description": "Play the piano",
  "video": ""

] }



Title Day Room Track Start End
Contributing to Foreman: where and how Saturday H.1309 (Van Rijn) Configuration management 14:00 14:50
Provision and manage Docker containers with Foreman
Roll out your applications in containers with ease
Sunday UD2.120 (Chavanne) Virtualisation 11:00 11:40