Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting

Performance Schema in version 5.6, released in February, 2013, is really powerful tool which can help DBA to find why every trickiest issue started to occur. Version 5.7 introduces even more instruments and tables. And while all these give you great power, you can stuck choosing which instrument to use. In this session I will start from typical problems description, then guide you how to use Performance Schema to find out what causes the issue, what is the reason for wrong behavior and how information received can help you to solve particular problem.

With 552 instruments in version 5.6 and 797 in version 5.7 as well as with 52 vs 75 tables Performance Schema is really powerful tool which can help to find source of almost every problem your MySQL Server can run into. But at the same time it becomes not easy to find out which instrumentation and which table can help in each and every case. Traditionally Performance Schema sessions teach about what is in the tables. I will, in contrast, start from the issue, then show which instruments and tables can help to solve it.


Photo of Sveta Smirnova Sveta Smirnova