Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Moving to the NoSQL side: MySQL JSON functions

Data is everywhere. User comments, preferences, online games features, all that small chunks of information which clients need to communicate with its servers use JSON format now. This format can be read into an object using parser built-in in all modern clients. But what about server side? What about information which should be stored for future use? Do you still need to manually parse JSON data to be able to effectively search through? Do you still need to spend time retrieving documents, load parse library and process? Not anymore! In this session I will present set of functions which manipulate with data in JSON format inside MySQL server. These functions search, modify and validate JSON data for you.

JSON UDFs is a set of UDF functions which perform queries using JSON language. This MySQL Labs project available at Further information about JSON UDF functions exists on author's blog at

I presented first public version of functions last year. Since than 3 minor and 1 major releases of the functions were provided. I hardly worked on feature requests, sent by the users, implemented 4 new functions, accepted 1 contribution. In this session I will tell about the functions: what do they do, how to install them, will say few words about future plans.


Photo of Sveta Smirnova Sveta Smirnova