Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015



A better way to email

For the past 4 years, FastMail has been working on a next generation email protocol for our web interface. We have years of experience writing email clients and servers, and we know where the pain points are. This protocol is in production right now, and a 30 second demo will show it in action.

At the moment the email world is divided. Every vendor is building their own proprietary JSON protocol, because IMAP+SMTP is a really poor fit for mobile apps and even the LEMONADE protocol changes haven't made the experience good enough.

We want to change that by offering a completely unencumbered standard which is good enough that companies don't need to build their own, and gain an interoperability layer which is better for everybody. Raise the baseline experience if you will. We believe it's possible to have a protocol which is both open AND good.


Photo of Bron Gondwana Bron Gondwana