Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Internet of #allthethings

Using GNURadio Companion to Interact with an IEEE 802.15.4 Network

The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate and explain how to use and modify GNURadio and GNU Radio Companion to interact with consumer devices on an IEEE 802.15.4 network. Accompanying the talk will be slides documenting the hardware, software, and network architectures for the demonstration, with specific attention to GNU Radio hacking and rapid prototyping of software to interface with most commercially available SDRs.

This was a big year for the Internet of Things. Both Apple and Google announced their venture into the Home Automation consumer market. Having reliable and extensible tools to interact with the IEEE 802.15.4 spectrum is incredibly important for developers and engineers of wireless products, as well as for security researchers.

Using off-the-shelf SDR equipment (e.g. the USRP B200 from Ettus Research), as well as off-the-shelf Home Automation hardware and software, developers can easily interact with an IEEE 802.15.4 network and do everything from pretending to be a light bulb to packet sniffing and network management.

This talk will go over some of the challenges encountered in designing such a node with the help of GNU Radio, GNU Radio Companion, and freely available 802.15.4 code.


Photo of Chris Friedt Chris Friedt