Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Hybrid Cryptography

Applying Hybrid Cryptography to Restful Systems

This will show what is Hybrid Cryptography and how we can use Hybrid Cryptography in Restful environments.

I will show with example code in Ruby how this flexible system can be applied in Text, HTTP, and maybe other places to show how it is applicable to Restful systems without changing any current protocols.

Firstly, I will give an explanation of what Hybrid Cryptography is in theory, how it can work as an alternative cryptosystem or work with other cryptography. My aim is to show that the users of this method allow them to control which cryptographic algorithms are used and when key rollover is performed.

I will then highlight that as this is non-invasive, it can be used anywhere in the Internet protocols, maybe showing an example of working with another Internet protocol to show this.

Then, I will show simple examples. I show how it can be used in text, encrypting a text file. Then, I show an alternative to HTTPS using this to encrypt a web page. I then show that it can work with HTTPS pages too.

If given time, I will show where this came from in encrypting DNS NAPTRs.

Example code in Ruby will be shown throughout to allow others to use.

I do not believe this applies directly to the main themes. I am estimating that this talk is 30 mins, although I am busy coding, so have not drawn up the presentation slides.


Romek Szczesniak