Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Every pixel hurts

A quest for open UX design

Design is still a pretty closed process, so I started exploring ways of opening the design process, just as the coding process has been fully opened through collaboration tools, community building, pair acceptance and sharing knowledge. The design community does not have a strong collaboration history. But, since the appearance of the latest UX practices, there is an opportunity to fully open up the process, as UX is based on research and more graphic designers are moving into the UX field.

We already know there is a lack of UX practice in FOSS projects, so this talk is a further exploration on why such a gap exists, and a collection of ideas and tools that could (hopefully) empower both sides to put a bridge over it.

I will give an overview of some problems around implementing UX design on FOSS projects and a suggested roadmap for doing so.

I'll also tell my short but valuable experience contributing UX to Diaspora, the drawbacks and lessons learned in this process.

Last, I'm making a call for designers to join a broader community, I'm trying to build an ecosystem for open source UX, to foster designers, coders, and interested people all over the world, build tools for opening the design process and connect projects with ux teams worldwide.


Photo of Pablo Cúbico Pablo Cúbico