Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Tomaz Muraus

I like writing code, distributed systems, open standards & open-source software, small teams and getting stuff done.

Tomaz Muraus is a Racker and a project lead for the Rackspace Service Registry product.

He is also a project chair of Apache Libcloud, an open-source project which deals with cloud interoperability. Before working on Service Registry he worked on Cloud Monitoring product and before joining Rackspace, he worked at Cloudkick helping customers manage and monitor their infrastructure.

In his free time, he loves writing code, contributing to open-source projects, advocating for software freedom, going to the gym and cycling. Be sure to check out his Github page at



Title Day Room Track Start End
I’m Luvin’ It Sunday Ferrer Lightning talks 10:20 10:35