Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Paolo Valleri

I am a computer scientist enthusiast of embedded devices powered by linux.I got the Bachelor degree in compute science in Bologna and the Master degree in Pisa, I have been a Phd candidate at the university of Trento while right now I am a collaborator at the TIS innovation park as project manager in the free software and open technology area.

At the university I used to spend as much time as possible in customizing my systems, as a gentoo user, I even re-compiled by router kernel!Years later, I understood that at the university I wasn't wasting my time by hacking those systems but instead the knowledge developed in those years allowed me to speedup in many applications I currently working nowadays.So that, I use to encourage young computer passionates to study and hack their system as much as possible!



Title Day Room Track Start End
Vehicular traffic estimation through bluetooth Saturday Ferrer Lightning talks 14:40 14:55