Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Morgan Quigley

Morgan Quigley is a robotics engineer at the Open Source Robotics Foundation.

Morgan recently completed a PhD in Computer Science in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, under the supervision of Professor Andrew Ng. At Stanford, he developed hardware and software systems for personal robots, including the design and initial implementation of the Robot Operating System (ROS) in close collaboration with colleagues at Willow Garage, including several who are now at the Open Source Robotics Foundation. On the hardware side, Morgan was the electrical and software designer for the low-cost, highly dexterous hand produced for the 2010-2012 DARPA ARM-H program on a team led by Curt Salisbury of Sandia National Laboratories. Other projects have included wifi-based indoor localization, sensor and embedded computing design for low-cost manipulators, high-resolution short-range depth scanners, and multi-band software defined radio (SDR) for navigation applications.


Title Day Room Track Start End
ROS: towards open source in robotics Sunday K.1.105 Robotics 13:00 13:50