Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Daniel Pocock

Professional software engineer and consultant

Pocock has developed enterprise grade solutions for some of the giants of the financial services industry, including secure connectivity for UBS (using a range of open Java technologies from Apache), enterprise wide monitoring for Barclays Capital (based on Ganglia) and a wide range of real-time financial trade capture and risk management solutions for Thomson Reuters. Despite the highly proprietary nature of these enterprises, Pocock has remained a champion of efficient, cost effective open source solutions to meet demanding business needs.

Of his own initiative, Pocock actively contributes to a range of open source projects with a focus on VoIP and real-time communications, in particular, Lumicall, dynalogin, reSIProcate, Ganglia and flactag.

Pocock is a Debian Developer and an OpenCSW package maintainer.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Free, open, secure and convenient communications Sunday Janson Open source challenges 14:00 14:50
Panel Discussion: The challenges of federated and distributed free Real-time Communications and its significance to the Free and Open Source Software community Sunday H.1309 Telephony 15:30 17:00