Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Christophe Vandeplas

Christophe is mostly known from his involvement in the FOSDEM conference.

From his time in the university he was interested in the world of open source. Not calling himself a developer his biggest contribution in the open source world was by organizing the FOSDEM conference for 8 years.

He also has contributed to some projects like pystemon, tunneldroid, android-openvpn-settings, prokyon3, inetsim, ... Minor contributions (patches) were in : sipfoundry, suricata, ubuntu, ... He has also spread the open source philosophy at his university where he has given guest lectures and was invited to some smaller conferences.

Today he mostly works on some small projects that try to make his life easier in the security field. He publishes as much as possible as open source. He is also a volunteer at the BruCON security conference.



Title Day Room Track Start End
pystemon Saturday Ferrer Lightning talks 17:00 17:15