Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Most videos uploaded

Uploading of our videos is almost ready!

There are four videos that aren't uploaded into our video repository currently:

  1. Bill Hoffman's Open Science, Open Software, and Reproducible Code talk; we mostly have the recordings, but it will require quite some manual effort to get it finished, since there were some technical issues during the talk, resulting in the recording being a puzzle of overlapping fragments that we need to piece together. This might take some time, and will need to wait until we find the time to do it.
  2. Zachary Powell's LinuxonAndroid and SlapOS on Android talk in room H.1301 was properly recorded, but due to a mistake on our end we have lost the recording. There is still a slim chance we may recover a low-quality version of this talk, but it may be irrevocably lost.
  3. Similarly, we have also lost the recordings to Nikos Roussos' The neat guide to Fedora RPM Packaging talk.
  4. Finally, the Hardening roundtable headed by Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera appears not to have been recorded at all.

Other than these four, all videos have been transcoded and uploaded. You can watch the videos by going to the archive, or—if you have an HTML5-capable browser—to the individual pages in the schedule where they will appear in a <video> element.

Apart from the videos recorded by the official FOSDEM team, there is also one talk uploaded by the telephony devroom. Note that if you were a devroom organizer and talks were recorded in your devroom in some fashion (be that full video or just audio), the FOSDEM team would be happy to host them on our server; just contact us via to make that happen.