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Vasilis (tzikis) Georgitzikis

I am a computer engineering student who happens to love open source. I happen to organize the local LUG (Patras LUG) and I'm one of the organizational members of our local hackerspace, P-Space. I'm lucky enough to have an interesting job at the Computer Technology Institute (, a research-academic institute where i work on distributed systems and wireless sensor networks using Arduino. Oh, I'm also a volunteer system administrator on my school. But I'm not sure that counts as something. After all, sysadmins are even worse than code monkeys :P

Now on to the fun stuff. I've been contributing to FOSS projects in the past two or three years, starting with translations, moving on with a Google Summer of Code, and various contributions. I've also developed a number of FOSS project of my own, and I recently joined the Growl project as a developer, focusing mostly on HardwareGrowler (and how we can improve translations). One of my pet projects, Capster, was also taken under the Growl umbrella, and is now one of the official Growl Extras.

When I have time, I try to look like a good student and pretend to study.