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Rudi Van Drunen

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
NanoBSD and the art of Timekeeping with appliances. Embedded Devroom Saturday Lameere 11:00 01:00

Rudi van Drunen is CTO of Competa IT, an enterprise IT company and, because of his
roots as an EE, highly interested in the lower layers of the stack. He designed
built numerous embedded systems, and was one of the main technical forces behind
Wireless Leiden, a wireless community in NL. Rudi is a regular author, teacher and
presenter for USENIX and chaired their LISA10 conference.
He's member of the NLUUG board and regular speaker on tech subjects at all sorts of
events. Next to being in the (open) systems world Rudi has a life as a dad and loves
traveling and photography.