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Robert Dewar

Robert Dewar has been involved in programming language design and implementation since the late 60's (working on Algol-68, SNOBOL-4 (SPITBOL), COBOL, and since the early 80's on Ada). He was a professor of computer science first at Illinois Institute of Technology from 1968 to 1975, and then at the Courant Institute at New York University from 1976 to 2005.
In 1994, with Ed Schonberg and Richard Kenner, he founded AdaCore, of which he is now President and CEO. This is a 100% Free Software company devoted to building tools for reliable software (in particular safety-critical and security-critical software) based on the use of the Ada language and related technologies. AdaCore's implementation of Ada, GNAT, is part of the GCC system.
Robert Dewar is co-author of the Java-in-education article that was "slashdotted" a few years ago.