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Peter Linnell

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
OpenICC - Colour Standards for Linux Devroom Sunday K.3.401 13:00 01:00
Scribus Devroom Sunday K.3.401 14:00 01:00

Born in the US, he has lived in France for the past 7 years and before that London. When motivated he speaks decent French and lousy German and can read Dutch when the mood strikes. Peter has been a long time open source participant in a number of areas: Core Team Member and Founder of Scribus, founding organizer of LGM and active packager for a number of upstream applications. Peter is currently on the board of the openSUSE project.
During the daytime, he works for Cloudera, a rocking Silicon Valley start-up. Before that, he was at INRIA working on XtreemOS. When he is not in front of a computer, he likes to be in a boat or in the air in an airplane. He is also old enough to admit to having a copy of Advanced Netware before it had version numbers. Oh and he has the most adorable daughter Stella.