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Luc Verhaegen

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Liberating ARM's Mali GPU. Devroom Saturday K.3.401 16:00 01:00

Luc has been writing graphics drivers since 2003 and has a track-record of doing things that are deemed impossible. He paved the way for algorithmic, bios-free modesetting with his work on VIAs Unichrome, which, apart from having spawned modern modesetting paradigms, also made the first commercial motherboard with full coreboot support possible. At SuSE, together with Egbert Eich and Matthias Hopf, he proved to AMD that a free and maintainable driver could be created for Radeon hardware, despite ATIs best attempts. Later on, he demonstrated the feasibility and flexibility of integrated graphics driver stacks and, as a follow-up, building DRI drivers externally to the still very monolithic Mesa, and even a rudimentary Mesa SDK. He is now happily hacking for Codethink, where doing impossible things is pretty much the hiring prerequisite.