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Guillaume Emont (guijemont)

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Hacking in the real world: photography from above Lightning Talks Saturday Ferrer 13:40 00:15

Guillaume Emont is an Igalian who likes free software, multimedia, occasional real world hacks and beer.

Guillaume Emont has been playing around on various things related to multimedia
(Elisa/Moovida, Pigment, Grilo and of course GStreamer) in the Free software
world for a few years and enjoys it a lot. He is now proudly part of the
awesome group of hackers known as Igalia.
When he doesn't hack on software, he enjoys discussing with like-minded people
around a drink or a good meal, various outdoor sports in and around sunny
Barcelona, or trying to take photos from above using helium balloons, among
many other things.