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Call for Developer Rooms

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Deadline reached, submissions closed.

A devroom is a room in which projects can organize their own schedule, made of presentations, brainstorming and hacking sessions. Our goal is to stimulate developer collaboration and cross-pollination between projects.

Each year we receive more requests than we can host. To better achieve our goals, every proposal will be reviewed by a technical committee and preference will be given to proposals involving multiple, collaborating projects. If projects with similar goals/domains make separate requests, we are likely to propose them to co-organize a devroom under their common theme.

We reserve two of the largest devrooms for a dedicated Distribution Miniconf. Any distribution can participate, see the distro miniconf page for more information. Hence, Linux/*BSD/... distribution projects should not request a devroom, but instead participate in the Distribution Miniconf.

For all other opensource projects;

What we offer:

  • a room on Saturday and/or Sunday (capacity varies depending on the project, and is allocated as such by the technical committee)
  • a video projector (with VGA cable)
  • power (C/E plugs)
  • wired (RJ-45) network with Internet access at the speaker's desk
  • shared wireless Internet access (a and b)
  • publication of the schedule on the FOSDEM website, including speaker bios and talk abstracts

Conditions for requests:

  • preference for requests with a more encompassing topic, eg. from projects with similar goals/domains,
  • be involved in Free or Opensource Software (the projects produce and release software under an opensource license or otherwise contributes to opensource activities and communities),
  • send us a devroom request before 2010-10-16 as described below.

For further questions, contact

Key Dates:

2010-10-16: Deadline for devroom requests
2010-10-23: Acceptance notification of devrooms
2011-02-05 to 2011-02-06: FOSDEM 2011

Devroom request form