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Speaker: Luc Verhaegen

Luc Verhaegen

Luc Verhaegen has been writing graphics drivers since before forked away from At that time, he was one of the few people left who developed the xf86 drivers and advocated modesetting work, as opposed to kdrive and exclusive DRM/DRI development.

With his unichrome driver, he pioneered the modesetting structure which later was used in RandR1.2. He was one of the 3 SUSE developers that worked with AMD to free ATI graphics, and, in spite of ATIs opposition, he wrote the bulk of the modesetting code in the RadeonHD driver. There he furthered his modesetting layout structure, work that was later taken over by KMS. For coreboot, Luc wrote the native VGA textmode support, providing the missing piece to have a fully functional consumer motherboard without a non-free BIOS.