FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.



Slides and videos online

Two weeks after FOSDEM and we are proud to publish most of the slides and videos from this year's edition.

All of the material from the Lightning Talks has been put online. We are still missing some slides and videos from the Main Tracks but we are working hard on getting those completed too.

We would like to thank our mirrors: HEAnet (IE) and Unixheads (US) for hosting our videos, and NamurLUG for quick recording and encoding.

The videos from the Janson room were live-streamed during the event and are also online on the Linux Magazin site.

We are having some synchronisation issues with Belnet (BE) at the moment. We're working to sort these out.

Information Brochure available online

During the whole week-end visitors are invited to visit us at the FOSDEM Infodesk. There you'll get a bag that not only contains goodies and magazines, but also the information brochure containing the maps, and schedules of the event.

Many people also make a (small or generous) donation. Check the donation page to know what things you can win.

Oh, yes, download the brochure right now if you want: (8.7MB PDF)

Lightning Talks announcement

After receiving more then 70 lightning talk proposals, we had to make the hard choice of selecting 34 of them.

We grouped the projects in special 'thema hours'. Every hour consists of 3 talks: each 15 minutes with a 5 minute break in between. Read more to see the tentative schedule, it will be added to the schedule page as the projects confirm.

Main track Schedule published

Some of you might have noticed it, but the Main Track Schedule is online.
We didn't announce it immediately as there were a few changes pending, but it should be OK now.

You will notice we have something special to close this FOSDEM edition. It it called The Endgame and will bring different known people together.
A few words to describe it: Fun, original, interactive, comic.

In the Web track Rogan Dawes will tell us something secure web-programming and the use of the OWASP WebScarab-NG web-auditing-tool.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the invitation for Nexuiz, but we did our best to fill it in with a very interesting and newsworthy Crystalspace3D . You have probably read quite some news lately about Peach and Apricot, a joint project between Blender and Crystalspace3D. Oh, yes it'll be Jorrit Tyberghein that will give this lecture.

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