Speaker: Romain Berrendonner

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Research and Libre Software (I) Research Room Saturday AW1.120 16:00 02:00

Romain Berrendonner

Romain works as Software Quality Manager for AdaCore.

Romain Berrendonner received his degree in Telecommunication engineering in 1998, from both ENST and the Politecnico di Torino. He joined SAGEM security division the same year, where he actively developed cryptographic systems. There, he has been involved in the design of a public key authentication system and of a virtually private network (VPN).

Since February 2002, Romain Berrendonner has worked for AdaCore, first participating to the development of the debugging technology. Now working as Software Quality Manager, Romain is in particular involved in the GNAT Pro release process and the improvement of quality procedures.